Embossed Leather

Embossed Leathers are leathers that have been stamped with steel engraved plates. At Barbarossa Leather, we custom make the finest embossed leathers. We can sell embossed leathers in quantities as small as one hide or supply large volume. There are many issues to consider when ordering embossed leather. Below is a list of things to consider when buying embossed leather.

Plate Dimensions
Rectangular plates are used to emboss the leather, ranging in size between 26″-29″ high by 48″- 54″ wide. (Average plate is 26″ x 48″.) Usually, hides are cut in half with embossed leathers and sold by the half hide, But can also be sold in full hides depending on the pattern.

Joint marks
Joint marks are registration marks where the plating matches up. They occur every 26″-29″ vertically, depending on the plate. Joint marks may be visible on some patterns. They are particularly visible in geometric and woven patterns.

Some patterns have a direction. Please contact us in regards to the direction of certain patterns.

Custom Embossing patterns.
There is no limit to the possibilities. Whether it be a logo or eccentric pattern, Barbarossa Leather can design and manufacturer custom embossing patterns for you.-